Temple Magic Mushroom Tea Trifecta Pack


Are you not sure which Temple Tea to try? We’ve put together a Trifecta Pack so you can give each one a go!

Temple Magic Mushroom Teas Trifecta Pack come with three different flavours:

Earl Grey (Black Tea)
Rooibos Chai (Herbal Tea)
Lemon Ginger Sencha (Green Tea)

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Buy Temple Magic Mushroom Tea Trifecta Pack

Confused on which Temple Tea to order? We’ve bundled all three into one convenient bundle so you may try them all! buyTemple Magic Mushroom Tea Trifecta Pack

Trio of Medicinal Mushroom Teas from the Temple

come in a trio of flavours:

English: Earl Grey (Black Tea)
Herbal Rooibos Chai
Green tea with lemon and ginger.

Even picky tea consumers will like these organic tea combinations. This Trifecta Pack of shrooms tea comprises 6 individual tea bags, or a total of 6 grammes of Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis).

The fragrant mixes of Temple Tea are not only effective, but also taste great. If you want to get a little trippy out of your tea, add some lemon juice, and if you’re feeling queasy, some fresh ginger.

Steeped tea made from psilocybin mushrooms is a great alternative to eating dried magic mushrooms. The benefits of a tea include a faster onset (compared to eating dried mushrooms) and a more pleasant taste. However, the duration of the effects will be noticeably less than that of shroom consumption.

Tea bags perform best when steeped in water heated to 85 degrees Celsius for 10-20 minutes.

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