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Florida White Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis F+) is an uncommon strain found in the wild and then developed for commercial use in Florida by a man named Joshua. The original name F+ was not popular as the letter F is associated with “Failure” in North America. This did not keep the mycologists away; this strain is one of the favorites amongst experienced growers.

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Joshua of Florida is responsible for commercialising a rare strain of Psilocybe mushrooms known as Florida White Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis F+). Because the letter “F” has come to mean “Failure” in North America, the original moniker “F+” was not well received. The absence of mycologists did not deter the cultivation of this variety, which is a favourite of seasoned cultivators.

The mycelial markings on the golden caps of Florida White (F+) mushrooms are a telltale sign of their authenticity. Mycelial growth on the stems is also not uncommon. This kind is recognised for its rapid reproduction and aggressive colonisation abilities. Though moderate in size, the mushrooms are exceptionally dense, giving them an edge in strength.

Intense visuals and a respectable body high were reported by our crew, making this item significantly more powerful than typical. A higher dose may cause numbness all over the body.

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