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Life just got a little bit more interesting. The ultimate party starter. Jeanneret Party Snacks contain 0.25g of Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, Bee Pollen and Siberian Ginseng.

Alternatively called “Scooby Snacks”, these pills have a higher dose of magic mushroom than microdosing causing the user to feel the euphoric effects more quickly. Not meant to be used for a trip, Party Snacks are perfect for a night out dancing, camping, bringing to a dinner party or a leisurely day at the beach.

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The quality of life has simply improved little. The best way to start a party. Siberian ginseng, bee pollen, and Golden Teacher magic mushrooms total 0.25g in Jeanneret Party Snacks.

These pills, often known as “Scooby Snacks,” have a higher magic mushroom dosage than microdosing, causing the user to experience the euphoric effects more immediately. Party Snacks are ideal for a night out dancing, camping, bringing to a dinner party, or a leisurely day at the beach but are not meant to be taken on a trip.

The Mushroom Capsules from Jeanneret Party Snacks are sold in packs of 10 capsules.

250 mg of Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, 125 mg of Bee Pollen, and 125 mg of Siberian Ginseng are all contained in each 500 mg capsule.

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