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Ever tempted to try all the different strains? We like to think of this experience like wine or scotch tasting.

Magic Mushroom Dispensary has put together and discounted 1 gram of each strain that we offer. We recommend you take these on an empty stomach to experience the effects of a 1 gram dose and notice the subtleties between each strain. Some may be more spiritual, some may induce more of a body high, and some like the Transkei are known to have more visual effects.

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Buy Magic Mushroom Sampler Kit / Tasting Menu

Have you ever thought about sampling all the varieties? We liken it to a sample of fine wine or scotch.

We at Magic Mushroom Dispensary have bundled and discounted 1 grams of all of our available strains. If you want to feel the effects of a 1 gram dose and differentiate between strains, you should take them on an empty stomach. The Transkei, for example, is known to have more noticeable visual effects than other, similar drugs.

When conducting experiments comparing multiple journeys, it is helpful to do so in the same or a similar environment. Think of it as a thought experiment.

Give each one a shot and see which one you enjoy the most.

Tasting / Sampler Set The menu features everything from:
Golden Teacher Psychedelic Mushrooms, 1 Gram, 1 Gram
Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms, 1 Gram
Big Mex Magic Mushrooms, 1 Gram
Magic Psilocybe azteca spores, 1 gram
The Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms are 1 gram in weight.
A single gram of Brazilian psilocybin mushrooms

Normally $111 for 6 grams, now only $95 (one gram of each strain).

*Contents may differ according on availability.

This promotion does not qualify for any additional discounts.

As it pertains to the specifics of the specifics


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