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Psilocybe Aztecorum Magic Mushrooms is a species of powerful psychedelic mushrooms originating from Central Mexico. Psilocybe Aztecorum has been referred to teonanacatl by 16th century Spanish explores, which means “sacred mushroom” or as “the flesh of the gods”. It is legendary for its spiritual use among the Aztecs and related tribes.

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Buy Psilocybe Aztecorum Magic Mushrooms Powerful psychedelic mushrooms known as Psilocybe Aztecorum Magic Mushrooms are a species that are native to Central Mexico. Spanish explorers from the 16th century referred to Psilocybe Aztecorum as teonanacatl, which translates as “sacred mushroom” or “the flesh of the gods.” The use of it for spiritual purposes by the Aztecs and other kindred tribes is legendary.

They have a reputation for having a moderate to high potency.In Mexico, Psilocybe Aztecorum is still utilised in customary rituals. Be prepared for a life-changing spiritual encounter, discoveries, and extensive healing.

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Psilocybe Aztecorum

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