Seremoni Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Edibles (Orange & Golden Teacher Mushrooms)


Seremoni Psilocybin Chocolate Bar – Orange is an elegant blend of fair trade organic cocoa, orange and Golden Teacher magic mushrooms offering an extraordinary bitterness followed by a whole aromatic range of warm notes. Tempered chocolate in easy to use bar. Perfect for sharing a trip with friends.

3 grams of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms per chocolate bar.

Each piece contains a dose of 200mg (total of 15 pieces).

50 gram Dark Chocolate Bar



Buy Seremoni Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Edibles (Orange & Golden Teacher Mushrooms)

A sophisticated combination of fair trade organic chocolate, orange, and Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, Seremoni Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Edibles- Orange offers an exceptional bitterness followed by a wide array of aromatic warm sensations. Easy-to-use chocolate bar that has been temper. ideal for a trip shared with friends.
Each chocolate bar contains 3 grams of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms.

There are 15 pieces total, with each piece containing a 200mg dosage.

50 gram bar of dark chocolate

Recommended Dosing

Start out slowly and get low. To feel the effects, wait 20 to 40 minutes.

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