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Bags of mind-bending Temple Magic Mushroom Tea.

Does it appear that chamomile tea is not helping you relax? Tea made with Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms should be brewed in a new cup.

If you’ve tried dry magic mushrooms and decided you don’t like the way they taste, you no longer need to worry about ruining your psychedelic experience. If you’re looking for a hassle-free and tastier alternative to travelling to the Temple, Temple Tea bags are the way to go.

Earl Grey: a favourite among those who like black tea
If you are still a herbal tea believer, Rooibos Chai is the way to go.
Tea with Lemon and Ginger: Green tea, as we know it, will change forever.

Regardless of the tea you choose, your mind will expand thanks to the magic mushrooms. Please keep in mind that the effects of liquids may wear off more rapidly than those of foods. But if you need a pick-me-up to keep going, go ahead and pour yourself another cup.

mystical Mushroom Pharma sells tea bags infused with mystical mushrooms from the Temple.

If you enjoy tea, you might want to spice up your ritual. When water is boiled and cooled to 85°C, a bag of Temple Tea can provide it in every cup. Just add water, steep the teabag for around 15 minutes, and savour the flavour!

We offer 2 boxes of our Temple mushroom tea bags for sale. One gramme of premium shrooms can be enjoyed after brewing just one pack.

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