Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms



Tri-Colour Ecuadorian or Tri-Colour Ecuador Magic Mushrooms are thick stemmed shrooms originating from the highlands of Ecuador. The Ecuadorian mushroom is a psilocybe cubensis, a popular species of magic mushrooms similar to the other shrooms available in the market. This variation is a rare isolated variant of the exotic strain.

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Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms

Buy Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms If you want a fresh perspective on life, try some Tri-Colored Ecuadorian magic mushrooms.

After making its way down from the Ecuadorian highlands, Psilocybe cubensis gained an instant following. Researchers and patients alike have discovered that Tri-Colored Ecuador Cubensis mushrooms have miraculous healing and revitalising powers.

Fortunately, if you want to reward yourself with some magic mushrooms, you won’t have to scale any dangerous cliffs to do it. Stay put with 100% authentic Tri-Colored Ecuadorian mushrooms on the market. You might reevaluate your life choices while basking in the ecstasy provided by the fast delivery service provided by Magic Mushroom Pharma.

Follow the shamanic path with your online order of Tri-Colored Ecuadorian magic mushrooms.

Even before the Europeans arrived in South America, people were consuming this Psilocybe cubensis strain. Its widespread use in shamanic rituals can be attributed to the powerful visuals and profound absorption into the vastness of the subconscious it produces.

These mushrooms have been mislabeled as Tri-Colour despite having only two colours. These mushrooms are more like an encyclopaedia illustration of Psilocybe cubensis, with such basic features as:

Flat, wide-brimmed, and sometimes wavy
Beautifully warm yellow
Repeated blotchy blue colouring

Tri-Colour The potency of the Ecuador Cubensis mushroom makes it unique. That’s why you should get in touch with us so we can tell you how to take these mushrooms safely.

For almost eight years, Magic Mushroom Pharma has been growing and selling these Tri-Colored Ecuadorian wonders. Your premium shrooms will be shipped to you vacuum-sealed and unmarked upon receipt of your order.

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